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New Visa Procedure/新签证程序 , 05.01.2016

All visa applications for Turkey are electronized as of January 6, 2016.

Visitors who are not exempt from entry visa must obtain their visas before travel over www.evisa.gov.tr 
or schedule an appointment with the Turkish consular offices using online application portal via KONSOLOSLUK.GOV.TR or http://www.visa.gov.tr/ 

Travellers are strongly advised to check out these two websites in order to avoid any inconvenience or delays.  Please  spare at least one month before the planned travel in all applications. 



需持签证进入土耳其的访客,请通过电子签证网站 www.evisa.gov.tr 获取电子签证或通过在线签证申请系统 KONSOLOSLUK.GOV.TR 或 http://www.visa.gov.tr/ 与土耳其领事馆预约办理。