Main Points Regarding The Turkish Economy In The Wake Of The Foiled Coup Attempt

Şanhay Başkonsolosluğu 04.08.2016

The “state of emergency” in Turkey has NO negative impact on the business environment and transactions.

There will be NO compromise from Government’s adherence to the market economy in Turkey.

There should be NO anticipation or a premature assumption to the effect that Turkey would change its main economic policies.

A 4.8% economic growth was attained in the first quarter of 2016. This positive trend in the economic growth is anticipated to remain robust in 2016.

Budgetary discipline will remain a priority for the Turkish economic governance.

The current governmental agenda for structural economic reforms will continue to be resolutely implemented.

Market economy will continue to function in Turkey.

All Turkish financial assets continue to be traded in a healthy way.

Banking system has been working without any impediment. There is NO problem with the banking services, including international and internal money transfers.

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of the Turkish banking sector remains at 15.5

There is NO disruption in the export and import of commercial goods.

All logistical network and infrastructure in Turkey, including all sea ports, civil
airports, motorways and railroads remain available as usual. The flights of the Turkish Airlines as well as other private airliners of Turkey remain unchanged.

There is no limitation regarding international tourism and aviation traffic.

Turkish Government continues to implement all required measures to ensure the safety and security of all foreigners in Turkey, including the tourists.

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