Enjoy Turkish Movies At Shanghai International Film Festival

Şanhay Başkonsolosluğu 09.06.2014


Three Turkish movies will be screened during the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival which will be held on 14-22 June 2014.

* The Cowshed Philosopher

Synopsis:Mustafaali (45), as a person who left the modern life behind him and lives in Cokertme Village, spends his days by reading books. Mustafaali, a person who is against working, satisfies all his vital needs from the blessing of nature. Cavit, on the other hand, is a rich businessman who lives in Istanbul. He has worked in his entire life and all he matters is to work, to earn and to make savings. Cavit's life becomes upside down after he met Mustafaali when he wants to buy Mustafaali's land to build a boutique hotel in Cokertme Bay. Living far from the modern life in his small land under the natural circumstances, Mustafaali's philosophy confuses Cavit who is a person from a big city.

* Yozgat Blues

Synopsis: Yavuz (58) sings popular songs from the ’70s, but his career is fast declining: he’s now reduced to irregular ‘performances’ in a shopping mall with an inferior sound system. His wife’s death has left him a complete loner and he has had no other relationships since.

Nese (30) is one of Yavuz’s students from the municipality courses and has a job doing sausage promotions at supermarket stands. She has a good voice and a genuine interest in music, but is condemned by her poor background to earning a living through menial work.

Yavuz and Nese set off for Yozgat city, leaving behind the hopelessness of their lives at home. But how will their new and unlikely partnership fare? What will they meet with in this provincial town neither has seen before?

* A Small September Affair

Synopsis:Eylul has everything that she can ask for. She's beautiful, cheerful and enjoyable. One day something happens to her and she forgets the last month of her life. Her family and friends keep telling her that everything is alright but Eylul understands that something is going wrong. And she goes to Bozcaada Island to chase the one month she doesn't remember.

There, a roguish man she has never seen before calls out to her: "Eylul. Do you remember me? You fell in love with me here on this island."


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http ://www.txpc.cn/siff





* 奶牛场的哲学家


* 约兹加特蓝调



亚伍兹和内谢告别了他们无奈的生活一起来到约兹加特。 他们的关系会有怎样的发展呢?在这个陌生的城市他们会有和遭遇呢?

* 秋季往事










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