Anatolian Civilizations: From The Neolithic Age To The Ottoman Empire

Şanhay Başkonsolosluğu 15.11.2013

The exhibition “Anatolian Civilizations: From the Neolithic Age to the Ottoman Empire” is organized on the occasion of the “2013 Turkish Cultural Year in China”. For the exhibition, 121 art works are selected from the collections of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, the Topkapi Palace Museum, and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, spanning from the Neolithic Age to the end of the Ottoman Empire.

The selected artworks bearing the magnificent history of Turkey will unveil the mystic Anatolian civilization for the visitors and will help people have a better and deeper understanding of the change and development of politics, culture and religion during different eras occurred on the Anatolia Peninsula.

Exhibition Dates: 2013-11-19 ~ 2014-02-20
Venue: No.1 Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Museum

No. 201, Ren Min Da Dao, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200003

Visiting hours: Shanghai Museum is open daily 09:00–17:00 all year round. (No entry after 16:00)


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